Lost Property

The Dublin Chronicle, 16-18 May 1771, page 3, carried an advertisement of a list of clothes which had been stolen from a home near Christ Church in Dublin, when a window was left open in the summer of 1771. Half a guinea was offered for the return of:

One full suit of superfine fawn coloured broad cloth, quite new, the breeches remarkably long and lined with fustian, the back of the waistcoat grey bear-skin, the buttons (covered with) mohair, a large flat cape pattern in the coat pocket; one white handkerchief with a blue border, and one pair of white chamois gloves; one fancy-coloured coating surtout coat; one pair of leather and one pair of stocking-web breeches; one pair of white thread stockings; two shirts and one stock.

All that is missing, according to Máiréad Dunlevy (who discussed this reference in her book, Dress in Ireland), is a hat, shoes and underclothes. Perhaps he was wearing just these as he penned the ad? Ooh-er!

PS: yep, the picture attached is totally wrong in date for this, but it was the only image I could find of the Dublin Chronicle, which doesn’t seem to be online at all, but only consultable in library archives by the non-lazy researcher 😉

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