Weekend Reads 5

A round-up delectable and tasty links to enjoy with your morning cup of Java this weekend.

  • This week was Oscars week! Read about red-carpet outfits from the past here.
  • The fabulous Textile Blog turned its attention to the great exhibition of craft and industry in Dublin in 1853 this week; a very satisfying read with great pictures.
  • This interesting blog post skims through the history of 20th century protest fashion.
  • The BBC wrote an article on the most shocking trends in clothing history here.
  • New book alert! What Clothes Reveal is on Amazon here.
  • The V&A Museum of Childhood launched a new website this week!
  • Browse through old photographs from the Laura Ashley archive here.
  • Doing anything this May Bank Holiday weekend? In Ireland? You must go to the Roscommon Lamb Festival, especially on the Sunday, when there is a Wool Craft Village. I might see you there!
  • A great blog post on turn-of-the-century gym clothes.
  • This week was a week of discovering Odes to Textiles for me – check out Wordsworth’s poem “Song of the Spinning Wheel” here, and “The Spinning Wheel” by Waller here.
  • I love this: ‘The Most Interesting Underpants in London‘ – a really interesting read which will have you reconsidering all you thought about museums.
  •  This is just wonderful – The Lively Morgue – where NYT photos are archived and browse-able.
  • Some conferences/lectures are coming up. In June there is “Desiring Fashion: The Consumption and Dissemination of Dress 1750-1850” in York, UK. From March there is a series of Sport and Fashion Lectures in Bath, UK.
  • Check out this tumblr full of pictures of clothes from history – Old Rags.
  • And finally! With Cunning Needle: Four Centuries of Embroidery is a free, online PDF of a fabulous exhibition that you will love.

Whew, lots of reading there! See you Monday.

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