Weekend Reads 12

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It’s been a crazy fortnight! The blog has been silent (though not my twitter!), and there hasn’t been a post since the one I did on Elizabeth Patten’s 18th century travelling quilt. There were two reasons. The first was that I had an interview for a history job (cross all your fingers for me!) and had to research for that. The second is that I wanted the next blog post to be about Athlone hats, and frankly, it took every waking hour of all that time to dredge up information on them. They are the most elusive topic I’ve chosen to blog about so far. However, I’ve come out the other side, with not too many injuries, and the post should follow this one shortly. Hope to get back into the normal routine then next week! Planning on doing something more on maps. I’m getting really fond of old Irish maps lately!

Enough with the waffling! And onto this week’s round up of the best textile-history-related links on the web.

  • The History of the American Quilt is being serialized by the Pattern Observer.
  • Check out fabulous photo archives from the National Library of Wales on Flickr here.
  • The Textile Blog covers Victorian crocheted purses and handbags here.
  • Buy a tote bag with Rocque (1756) or Speed (1610) maps of Dublin printed on them!
  • Browse this fantastic online archive of Irish historical political cartoons.
  • Read this blogpost, and see the startling images that showed negative Irish historical stereotypes.
  • Explore historical maps in great detail for free at the Irish Ordnance Survey site.
  • Do you want to contribute to a folklore and writing site that is helping to build a picture of Ireland’s history?
  • Check out this gorgeous Pinterest board full of inspiring historical women, with their full biographies included.
  • Walk around Dublin in 1780.
  • Browse all kinds of historical everything on this fabulous, eclectic site!
  • A great collection of handwritten old letters and manuscripts are here.
  • “An historical essay on the dress of the ancient and modern Irish” by Joseph C. Walker, 1788 – read this free online ebook here.

That should be enough to keep you out of trouble for a while! See you soon 🙂

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