Weekend Reads 6

Spark up that pipe, settle into a fireside chair, and have a gander at the best and most interesting of online textile history reads from the web this week.

  • Laundries in Edinburgh, and women’s relationships with them – I love the pictures in this blog post!
  • Did lace knitting originate in Spain? Find out!
  • Glasnevin Museum in Dublin now has their genealogy records all online – look up your ancestors here.
  • The history of Oya Turkish needle lace.
  • The remarkable story of the Confederate uniforms made in Limerick & shipped to the South through the Federal Blockade.
  • Mrs Nanona Beecher-Moore’s historical stockings collection is online in full here.
  • The Textile Blog tackles Victorian crocheted D’Oyleys.
  • Fabulous big bright photos from the 1860s Civil War in the USA.
  • It’s Women’s History Month in the USA, read about the history of knitting and empowerment of women here.
  • View this gallery timeline of Vietnamese clothing.
  • “…fashion influences more than just silk and ribbons: it can also determine the stylish ideal of the body beneath those clothes.” Fab blogpost on trends in body shapes here.
  • A lovely little history of men’s cufflinks.

That should keep you out of trouble for an afternoon.

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