Weekend Reads 9

Where you read your Weekend Reads is totally up to you… (Reading on the Rocks, Grand Manan, c. 1877, by John George Brown)

Some Quite Interesting tidbits of textile history from around the Internet this week, for you to devour this weekend.

  • Sock knitting in the American Civil War.
  • Great article on what fabrics to use if you are trying to historically reconstruct a garment.
  • Read textile historian Kate Davies’ review of her visit to Donegal Woollen Mills here.
  • Super online history of the women who worked down in Cornwall’s mines here.
  • The shoelace is exactly 222 years old this week! Read a great post about that here.
  • Do we have Costume Drama Fatigue?
  • Check out this amazing blog dedicated to historical images of people in swimsuits!
  • Did you know that all modern cows are descended from a single herd?
  • Swastikas in Deansgrange and the Farrell Sisters of Glenageary (Dublin, Ireland).
  • Are these Marie Antoinette’s shoes?
  • Did you get all fired up about the threat to the Tait factory last week (and rightly so)? Something similar is happening in Bolton, England.
  • You will spend ages browsing through the gorgeous colour plates from Ackermann’s Repository magazine, from the early 19th century, here.
  • Sit back and enjoy a latte while you read this little History of the Opera Glove.
  • Pay a virtual visit to the latest museum exhibit at the Women’s Library – Hand Made Tales: Women and Domestic Crafts.

See you on Monday again, with a post about a mid-nineteenth century Irish spinning wheel song!

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