Weekend Reads 8

Don’t exclude your pet from reading this week’s issue of Weekend Reads. Maybe don’t grab him in a headlock to do it though.

It’s been a crazy week around here! Filled with Irish-sewn U.S. Civil War uniforms, petitions, protest emails, and all that jazz. (You’ve signed the petition, right? Sign the petition!) Now it’s the weekend, it’s time for a little relaxation, some lazing around and catching up on… the best of the best web articles about textile history, from all around the world, this week. Enjoy!

  • Learn some more about bobbin and Tenerife lace here.
  • Ever wondered about the history of the Little Black Dress?
  • A great piece on the higher education of women in the Victorian era.
  • Scottish clan tartans debunked. (Blow up some more regional knitting myths on this V&A page.)
  • A very moving gallery of faces ~ Mountjoy Prison Portraits of Irish Independence.
  • Killarney is to get a Gaelic Games museum!
  • Here’s a chart of knitting machine specifics and models from 1959 onwards.
  • Nice little article, with great pictures, on the Blasket Islands.
  • Love this website – it documents items of clothing that have been deliberately hidden or buried in structures.
  • Very interesting history of the cashmere sweater.
  • See the first ever issue of Vogue from September 1916.
  • Ever wondered what an embroidery manual from 1533 would look like? Wonder no more!
  • Two early Irish crochet manuals – one from 1911, and one from 1912, are free to download and read (and crochet from!).
  • The history of camouflage, and uniforms in general, is fascinating!
  • The latest issue of Textisles is out! An absolute must-read for the textile history enthusiast (that’s you!).
  • This site is a fabulousresource for domestic history.
  • Haberdashery shop windows in London in 1939 – great pics.
  • If you don’t read Franklin Habit’s column in Knitty.com on historical knitting, you should be!
  • See some vivid photocrom pictures of 1900s Ireland here.
  • Really thought-provoking article about Hollywood rewriting history.
  • James Joyce’s guitar is being restored by the National Museum of Ireland!
  • And if you’ve been following the storm over the plans to build on the Tait factory site in Limerick, then have a look back over my post here, where there are a million updates at the end. Also –Ā sign the petition! You can use a nickname or a twitter account so it doesn’t make your details public šŸ˜‰

See you back here on Monday with that spinning post I promised you last week! *wave*

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